Private 1:1 Coaching with Gina

Schedule Your Initial Session ($250)

The first step in working with Gina one on one is to schedule an initial session. You'll experience significant vibrational shifts and awareness on any topics that are important to you. You'll receive a recording of the entire session to keep forever. This is a full 60 minute coaching session, plus up to 30 additional minutes to discuss your potential entry into an ongoing coaching program (see below).

Private Coaching Program

The 1 on 1 program is designed for those people who are committed to transforming their life from its very core foundation. If you are ready to make this decision, this program is perfect for you. 


This means that you will be working with me 1 on 1 on a weekly basis for a minimum of 3 months up to 1 year, depending on your starting point. The most satisfying experience for me is being part of someone else’s becoming—consistency in this program is key for the most massive transformative experience. 


This takes a person who is dedicated to recognizing how to put their VIBRATIONAL STEADINESS first so that they not only thrive in every aspect of their life, but also include and invite others to join into their steadiness. 


Private sessions offer you the opportunity to become more practiced at discerning the nuances of your specific thoughts and emotions, releasing resistance, experiencing a deeper awareness of your inner being—and becoming skillful at maintaining it on your own throughout your day.


As a result, new layers of awareness are realized, a greater oneness with everything and everyone as well with the self is known and felt to the core of your being. You will deliberately recognize and allow the life force to express itself through every single identity you choose to be and beyond. You will navigate your own creation process from a place of more steadiness and ease, and you will truly begin to master the tools and processes to see yourself as the Source at will. I will offer you personalized guidance on how to apply these new understandings and awareness to your daily life—and that guidance I offer is in complete resonance with the teachings of Abraham-Hicks.

Due to the popularity of these sessions and my other coaching programs and events, private sessions have a waitlist and a consultation process in the form of an Initial Session (see above).


Private coaching programs vary in cost depending on length of time - starting at $2,700 for a 3-month program to $8,000 for a year-long program with options in between. I will be able to determine with you, during your initial session, which program length will be best for you. 

Group Coaching Program

Vibrational Mastery ($99/mo)

You are invited to join this leading-edge group coaching program that will give you the opportunity to reach a level of vibrational mastery not available through 1:1 coaching alone, and make 2021 your most magical year to date.

This is a leading-edge group of people who are on their path of mastering vibration and Law of Attraction. People who are eager to “figure this out” and live a more joyful and satisfying life: master abundance, become vibrationally skillful in relationships, love your body and connect more deeply with its inherent well-being, thrive in your interests and passions like never before, and experience more magic and serendipity in each day.