Vibes Up Club (FREE!)

Click the button below to join Gina's free private Facebook Group which includes video clips of her sessions with clients and other useful information to help you learn more about mastering the Law of Attraction.

Vibrational Mastery Group Coaching Program ($99/mo)

You are invited to join this leading-edge group coaching program that will give you the opportunity to reach a level of vibrational mastery not available through 1:1 coaching alone, and make 2021 your BIGGEST, MOST MAGICAL year to date!

This is a leading-edge group of people who are on their path of mastering vibration and Law of Attraction. People who are eager to “figure this out” and live a more joyful and satisfying life: master abundance, become vibrationally skillful in relationships, love your body and connect more deeply with its inherent well-being, thrive in your interests and passions like never before, and experience more magic and serendipity in each day!

Schedule Your First Private Appointment ($250)

The first step in working with Gina one on one is to schedule an initial private appointment. You'll experience significant vibrational awareness and calibration on any topics that are important to you. You'll receive a recording of the entire session to keep forever. This session is a full 60 minute session.

Private Session Packages

Once you've had your first hour-long session, in most cases, 30 minute sessions are sufficient for you to get your calibrations. Click the button below to see packages that save you up to 20%:

Individual Private Session Pricing

Five 30 Minute Sessions: $630

Ten 30 Minute Sessions: $1,190

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