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If you're new to this, please start by booking your free 45 minute consultation by clicking the "Book a Consultation" button above. (consultations are always via ZOOM video conferencing).

Once you're a client, appointments can be either via ZOOM Video Conferencing (which allows you access to Gina from anywhere in the world), or in person at Gina's home office in Issaquah, Washington. Sessions are equally effective whether they are remote or in-person, so you get to choose based on your personal preference.

New Client Special: 12 Week Align & Shine Program

(17 Total Coaching Hours = $1,500)

Experience significant shifts and positive gains in your life with this powerful 17-hour program designed to take your reality to the next level. With ease you'll be shedding old limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from experiencing the life you deserve. You'll breakthrough old patterns of behavior that are no longer serving you. You'll experience improved relationships with the people closest to you. You'll find more enjoyment, ease, and flow in each day and you'll know what it truly means to have peace and satisfaction in your life.​

A total of 17 hours dedicated to the upliftment of your vibration, an upgrade to your personal reality and an increased mastery of the Law of Attraction.

Special Offers for Existing Clients

Music for Meditations & Relaxation

Relax at home to the meditative sounds of your sessions, by getting your own copy of the "energy alignment" music that softly plays in the background of your sessions with Gina.


Click the album images below to listen to samples and purchase your copy today:


About the Artist

William Wolford is a veteran recording artist, composer, sound designer and performing musician currently established in Seattle, Washington. His body of work crosses many genres from country to techno rock or from meditation music to movie soundtracks.

Recently he has been recording and performing with his band Yesod and composing cutting edge meditation or as he calls it energy alignment music.

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