Certifications & Licenses
  • Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming®

  • TimeLine Coach & Trauma Release Specialist

  • NLP Life & Communication Specialist​

  • Certified Life Transformation Coach​

  • Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist

  • Dreamsculpting®

  • Reiki I & II



Helping people find their inner magic is in Gina’s DNA

She was born to do it, so for her, there’s no other way

As she very quickly assists you to raise your vibration 

And release yourself from mental and emotional stagnation


She is an uplifter to the core of her being

When you work with her it’s absolutely freeing

Because she sees your worthiness and helps you find the key

To unlock your own locks and set yourself free


So if the answers you’ve been looking for have long eluded you

And if you absolutely know there’s so much more that you could do

And if you’ve struggled long and hard enough

And something in you says, “It shouldn’t be this tough”


Like a lighthouse, Gina will show you the way

And guide you to your heart where you’ll always want to stay

From there you’ll learn to tune in, tap in and turn on your intuition

As you watch your goals, dreams, and visions reach their fruition


You’ll feel so good, so alive, and so full of appreciation

As your resistance melts away, you’ll feel total elation

And at that point you’ll be in complete alignment

And learning to calibrate yourself will be your only assignment


So if you want to master vibration and the Law of Attraction

Then don’t put off working with Gina for even a fraction

And if you love the teachings of Abraham, this I promise you

Working with Gina will be the best thing you could ever do


© 2020 Darshan Gabriel Shanti – The Feel Good Poet