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"Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

- Napoleon Hill

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis a natural state of selective, highly-focused attention. Our ability to enter this unique state of consciousness opens the door to countless possibilities for healing, self-exploration and change. Hypnosis provides a deep state of calm and relaxation for your body, while your mind is actually more alert and focused than in your normal state of awareness.

Hypnosis Positively Affects the Mind, Body, and Spirit

You don't need a scientist to tell you that the body responds physically to thoughts - you've experienced that

for yourself! For example, when we think a frightening thought, we can experience increased heart rate, shortness of breath, “butterflies” in the stomach, muscular rigidity, sweating, shaking, and so on.


Similarly, when we think a pleasurable thought, we can experience a reduced heart rate, deeper breathing, relaxation of muscles, and so on. These are autonomic nervous system responses that are involuntary, and can also be intentionally produced as a result of intentional focus on the thoughts and emotions that elicit the positive response.

When you are in a hypnotic state, we can use your positive thoughts, focus, feelings, experiences, desires, and understandings in ways that allow you to experience a breakthrough in an old pattern. The breakthrough feels like the most satisfying, relief and excitement-filled ah-ha moment because in that moment you reconnect fully to all that you really are and all that you really know. And it's from looking through that high-vibing perspective that allows you access to powerful new beliefs and understandings about the situation related to the goal, which then allows you to see all sorts of ways to achieve your goal easily and enjoyably.


Hypnosis has been used in the treatment of pain, depression, anxiety, stress, habit disorders, and many other psychological and medical problems as well as used to achieve breakthrough performances and extraordinary results in sales, sports, science, technology, and so on.


With clear intention, intelligent focus, and a "knowing" feeling in your gut, any goal can be achieved. Hypnosis and NLP can help you achieve that "in-tune and aligned with your goal" state in record time, allowing you to finally move past blocks with ease into the goal-achieved future.

Will I Be Asleep or Unconscious?

Neither. Many times when someone is in a hypnotic state they'll look asleep, but that is simply because their eyes are closed and their body and mind is very, very relaxed. Beneath the surface, their mental state is in heightened awareness, they are extraordinarily focused, they can hear and understand every word that's being spoken in the room and have complete control over their experience. If a person were to fall asleep during a session, they would return to normal consciousness when asked to, or simply awaken after a short nap. They would feel refreshed, relaxed and would have no ill effects at all.

“I don’t think I was hypnotized–I heard every word you said!”

Some people, after a session of hypnosis, don’t believe that they were hypnotized at all. This likely comes from misconceptions about just what a ‘trance’ really is. There is no mysterious feeling to being hypnotized and our minds are not taken over nor controlled. This expectation like comes from how hypnosis is portrayed in the movies or in stage hypnosis shows.


People who are hypnotized often talk with the hypnotist, and can both answer and ask questions, hear everything that is said very clearly, and are perfectly well aware.

Can I Get Stuck in a Hypnotic State?

No. At any time a client can re-alert or choose to ignore suggestions. No one stays hypnotized indefinitely – you will always “come out” of trance within a short time.

Will I Maintain Control?

Absolutely, you will be able to hear everything I say and will have full control over your interaction with me! Hypnosis allows clients to be more focused, less distracted, and more skillful in using their own mental abilities constructively. In this way, they can achieve more of their goals, and consequently, actually achieve more (not less) control of their personal comfort, health, and well-being. The ‘control’ misconception appears to originate from stage hypnosis which actually involves people doing what they want to be doing in a social agreement to be entertaining.

While you are in hypnosis, you can hear everything I say to you and you have complete control throughout the whole process.

While in hypnosis, positive suggestions for change in your life are easily received and accepted by your subconscious mind, thereby bringing about desired results and new “automatic” behaviors.

People who are asked to describe how they feel during a hypnotherapy session often describe feeling soothingly calm and having a deep sense of well-being.

Hypnosis is quickly becoming recognized as one of the safest and most effective methods for creating positive changes in mood and behavior. It can be used to reduce stress and anxiety, lose weight, stop smoking, eliminate or manage pain, overcome grief and loss, and expedite recovery after surgery and much much more.

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