Law of Attraction Mastery Program

  -for Real Estate Professionals

Welcome! This program is designed specifically for real estate professionals who are looking to master the Law of Attraction - attract more abundance, live life with more ease and flow and experience more control over the quality of their life experience. Is this you?

Here are some high-level details:

  • This program is a 6-month group + individual coaching program that runs from January 1 - June 30, 2021.

  • The maximum number of participants currently allowed into the program is 4 and will only include real estate professionals.​

  • Registration opens on December 1, 2020. 

  • The cost of the program is $5,000.

  • If you have any interest in this program, click here to schedule a free conversation NOW with Gina to learn more about it and see if you're a fit.

  • Additional program details are below:

"To have anything that you desire, all you have to do is find the feeling of your desire and practice it until it is steady within you. Then, it must reveal itself to you."  -Abraham-Hicks

What this Program Includes

20 hours of 1:1 private coaching with Gina

A critical part of this group coaching program is individual, 1:1 private coaching. It's during these private coaching sessions that you'll get to experience the most impactful positive shifts in your vibrational set-points.

Thoughts, beliefs and feelings are what creates your reality - and you likely have a few habitual, repetitive, negative thoughts and feelings that are hindering you from manifesting some of the things you really really want. In fact, what those negative thoughts & feelings are doing is mirroring back to you unwanted things in your reality. Manifestations that are a vibrational match to low-vibration thoughts & feelings.

So in order to change or improve what's manifesting for you - it comes down to transforming those old negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, and negative feelings to positive ones. And there's no better (and easier) way to do that than with the guidance of Gina.​

Over the 6 months of the program, you'll enjoy a total of 20 private coaching hours with Gina in this fully-customizable portion of this program. Each session ranges between 30 minutes to 1.5 hours in length depending on the topic of your desire and your current level of resistance. Each session is custom-tailored to you and your specific desires - using the most effective NLP techniques, Gina will expertly guide you from your current vibration to your desired vibration.

With ease you'll be shedding old limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from experiencing the life you desire. You'll learn through experience, how your thoughts create your reality and you'll learn how to better control your focus. You'll breakthrough old patterns of behavior and emotions that are no longer serving you. You'll find more enjoyment, success, abundance, ease, and flow in each day and you'll know what it truly means to have peace and satisfaction in your life.​

Coaching sessions will take place via Zoom, and you'll have a recording of each session.

24+ Hours of Group Coaching

A key component of this group that makes it unlike any other program that Gina currently offers is Group Coaching.

All Group Coaching will take place via Zoom (online video-conferencing) and our private Facebook Group. There are three aspects to the group coaching:

1. Live Group Coaching Calls:

Each month there will be a total of 4 scheduled group coaching calls, 1.5 hours each - these will be live-feed video calls via Zoom. Content of these calls will be a combination of Q&A, group exercises, sharing success stories, and education on Law of Attraction "best practices" for success. You're welcome to participate actively within these calls or simply be an observer, you're sure to benefit either way.

All group coaching sessions will be recorded and placed on our private Facebook page so that you can re-watch it any time you want.

2. Ad-Hoc Live-Feed Training Videos:

Regularly throughout the month, Gina will jump onto a Facebook live video within our private group to share helpful information, reminders, and provide various "vibrational tune-up" exercises that you can use throughout the week to uplift your own vibration in-between sessions.

3. Law of Attraction Educational Material:

Gina will be sharing the most relevant Abraham-Hicks video clips, quotes and transcriptions to our private Facebook Group, which will not only further your understanding of how Law of Attraction works, but keep you continually uplifted with the most positive, meaningful information at your fingertips.

Next Steps

If you have any interest in this program, the next step is to click here and schedule a free consultation with Gina to get any questions answered, learn more about it, and see if you're a fit.

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