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You Create Your Own Reality. Here's How to Make it Awesome.

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

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The Law of Attraction is a real thing.

Do you want to see how easy it can be to create the reality of your dreams? Would you like to see how simple, fast, and easy it can be to manifest "miracles" in your life? Would you like to witness how much more success you can experience when you stop grinding and instead, focus on "aligning"?

Well you're in luck! What you've stumbled upon is a video series that will allow you follow real estate agent Devin Smith along her journey towards complete mastery of the Law of Attraction - which is the mastery of learning to manifest what you want with ease!

Scroll down to the bottom of this blog post to see the first episode!

As the weeks progress, you'll get to watch how Devin comes into alignment with joy and happiness in every area of her life - and then get to witness the incredible manifestations that occur for her in the most magical, serendipitous ways because of that alignment.

I'm Gina Mallison - a Law of Attraction coach, you can read more about me and what I do on the other pages of this website. Devin, the other star of this series, is a real estate agent for Windermere in the small town of Cle Elum, just about an hour or two outside of Seattle.

Devin and I have partnered up to co-create this series of videos that allow you to follow her amazing and magical journey each week. We are doing it because first of all, it's hella fun to talk about the Law of Attraction - and second of all, we're excited for the opportunity to teach others how fun, easy and magical life can be every day when you finally figure out how this whole Law of Attraction thing works!!

For a full list of all the very best Law of Attraction resources and information, please visit this page on this website: www.alignwithhappiness.com/about-the-law-of-attraction

Special shout-out and thank you to Esther & Jerry Hicks and of course Abraham for being the BEST teachers of this in the entire universe.

A Little Background on Where Devin Started

Devin had become a real estate agent back in early 2017 and found herself having a really tough start - with a complete lack of confidence in real estate and not comfortable in her office at all, she struggled to create any momentum. She found herself half-in/half-out, working part-time as a waitress in order to maintain a steady stream of income while she tried to build her real estate business on the side. (She's also a loving wife and amazing mother of two beautiful little girls and two big hound dogs!)

In 2017, her first year as an agent, she closed 2 sales and grossed $333,000 in sales volume that year. In 2018, she scored a sale in April for $465,000, but then nothing.

Devin started coaching with Gina in September of 2017. By her fourth session, Devin already had two sales under contract, one as the seller's agent for a $140,00 condo and the other as the buyer's agent for a $730,000 house. By her fifth coaching session, she had closed another deal, all cash no contingencies. At the time of this video-taping, she's at nearly $1,000,000 in sales volume in the last 7 weeks.

All of this with no effort. No grinding. No struggling. In fact, just the opposite. All she did was release the resistance around previously "sticky" subjects in her life and get into emotional alignment, and these sales and dream-clients literally came to her like a magnet. A call-in, a walk-in, a lead that was handed to her... Easy peasy.

And it's not just sales miracles that she's enjoyed - she also has a new car, her family's finances are "set" for the next 6 months, she has a new "dreamy" CRM system with all of her data entered for her at practically no cost and no effort, a new no-cost marketing manager (her husband who is super excited to be helping her!), she's no longer working at the restaurant and can now spend more time with her family (her kids squealed with delight!), her office's Designated Broker now gives her kudos in team meetings and has even given her a prize, and the top broker in her office literally gifted her an entire stack of leads because "he doesn't need them".

Flukes? I think not. I know not. This is it, this exactly how it works - this is the magic of the Law of Attraction. Watch, enjoy, and follow along as her journey and miracles continue each week!

Episode 1 of "Devin Masters the Law of Attraction"

Video Chapters with Quick Links:

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