Sales Performance Testimonials
Sales Performance Turn-Around

When I started at my new sales job I was struggling at the end of the training program. I had a session with Gina where she helped me channel my inner sales beast. After just one session I started having success and ended up being the top producer from my training class.


About six months later, I was doing really well but had plateaued in my improvement, so I saw Gina again. I have now exceeded every goal I set for myself before our session- by a lot. I am exactly where I want to be in my new career and sales numbers.


Gina is such a pleasure to work with and amazing at what she does. I highly recommend her and wouldn't hesitate to use her services again.

Earned Rookie of the Year in Real Estate

I started seeing Gina in late summer 2018. I felt uncomfortable in my real estate office as well as unsure if being a realtor was my true calling. I started working with her weekly and quickly saw results...720k buyer walks into my office ready to purchase...check! Seller calls in ready to sell her condo...check!

What I didn't expect was the true inner peace I was creating for myself with these appointments. An assurance within that I KNEW what the next step was. Without "Grinding" I found myself with amazing clients who I love and now invite my family and I over for dinner.


Mid October I retired restaurants & at the end of 2018 with ease I won "Realtor rookie of the year" in Kittitas County. Something I had just dreamed about before. I am forever grateful for her commitment to the betterment of her clients.

$11,300+ in Waitressing Sales - Wow

I've been thinking a lot about our meetings lately. I'm on fire! I'm in the best mood. Giving the best service and absolutely crushing it. Last night was my biggest night yet. ($11,316 on a Tuesday night). I've rang $10k 3 times in the last month... my average now is between $5-7K.

Real Estate Sales Success

I now have over 3 million under contract (up from zero). My days from the last few weeks since our first couple of sessions have been amazing.

Sky-Rocketed Sales Performance

I had a session with Gina last year. I was having trouble performing at work and could not identify the issue.  By the end of the session I felt like my brain was rewired and spirits were SO uplifted.


My performance at work sky-rocketed afterwards. She really knows how to get to the root of your issue at hand and tailor your sessions to address your current struggles and future goals.

Attracting Commercial Loan Clients (and more!) with Ease Now

I have been familiar with NLP for many years and have read countless LOA (Law of Attraction) books. I always wondered how it really worked and how I was supposed to be in the vibration of what I wanted when it did not currently exist in my reality. The concept eluded me.


During my sessions with Gina, she explained how NLP can be utilized to feel a desired vibration. Once she explained this,  and we had our sessions, it all started to make sense. Whenever we have a session, clients literally find me. And no joke, guys actually flirt with me.


In addition to being an effective coach, she is positive, caring, astute, and most important, someone you would want to hangout with. I have had other LOA coaches and she is by far the most effective (and coolest). 


I have already recommended her to a couple of my friends.

Inside Sales Made Easier

I’m an inside sales rep and when I had my first session with Gina, I was already easily the top rep in my company - my average was over 70 deals/mo while the average is closer to 25. However, it was rare that I closed a deal for over the $100/mo minimum because I was too scared about losing the sale if I even attempted it. One session with Gina and it became the easiest thing in the world to start pitching $200, $300, even $500/mo plus deal - and closing them. I don’t know how she does it, but she increased my confidence through the roof and made selling even easier for me. Not only did I increase average deal size, the following month I had 86 deals, the following 92 and I continue to hover in that higher range. I’m making thousands and thousands of dollars more per month, my lifestyle has been upgraded in a big way and I’m so so grateful. I would recommend Gina to anyone and everyone.​

Improving a Sales Team's Performance

Gina has been a fantastic person to work with over the past year. More recently she has provided her expertise of NLP coaching with my sales team. Her techniques have helped my sales team overcome their personal road blocks and allow them to be successful in their sales role. I would highly recommend Gina as a NLP coach. She's a must have to empower your employees with the tools to be successful.

Bringing Enjoyment Back to Work

Gina is awesome! She really helps you get past a lot of the obstacles that are blocking your progress even in a job that you might have become a little burn out at and refocuses you on the reasons that you started in the first place.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who feels a little lost in their current occupation or even spot in life.

Massive Increase in Monthly Income

Before working with Gina, I use to average only a few thousand dollars a month in commissions which isn't bad, but I knew I could do much better, I just didn't know how to achieve it. Since I started working with Gina, my commission checks now hover around the $10,000/month mark and rising. I'm now the #1 rep in my office.

Ramping Up a Business in a Big Way

In just one month after starting with Gina, I went from only making a couple thousand per month in my business to making over $15,000, out-earning my husband. I feel like a complete bad-ass! I just wish I found her earlier.​​​

Big Positive Changes for this Sales Rep

I’ve been seeing Gina now for over two months now and so many things have positively changed so much already! Not only do I sell more and make way more money for myself (I've made $6,500 more in commission these last 2 months than I was used to) - I can’t even begin to tell you how much more I just enjoy my day. It’s like my usual stresses have just been wiped away. I sleep better. I feel better. I’m getting along better with my wife. I’m eating better, my ulcer is gone, I just feel so much lighter and happier. I’m actually excited to go to work now instead of dreading it and once I get home I still have energy left over for my family. Gina's coaching has been an absolute blessing in my life and it couldn't have come at a better time.​​​

Multiple Business and Personal Goals

I know Gina from Avvo, where she was a highly respected and very popular sales trainer. Since, I have seen her for NLP, a method that was new to me but she has quickly turned me into a big fan. Great way to work on achieving work or other goals in a quick, fun, non-judgmental, and highly effective way with immediate results. Highly recommend!

More Real Estate Sales Success

I had a couple of sessions with Gina in July of last year to remove two big blocks that I was experiencing in my real estate business, and my performance improved so much that 80% of the business I closed last year came after those sessions. Gina has helped me to completely transform the financial success of my business - I cannot thank her enough.

Survey Feedback from Sales Employees

Gina, is amazing. Not only does she make you feel extremely comfortable and safe speaking to her honestly, but also, I found it really impactful to reconnect and try to recreate memories of genuinely feeling fulfilled and happy with my work. I can honestly say that I believe it has been extremely helpful during a particularly hectic week for me personally.

...and more:

Gina's sessions helps you emotionally center your self. We all have times throughout the day were we "lose ourselves." NLP helps bring you back and keep the negative out.

...and more:

It helped me reach my goals and have more confidence in myself while pitching.

...and more:

I'd recommend NLP coaching to anyone because the exercises teach you to focus on positive aspects which have helped me during my slow times in sales.

...and more:

I think it's very beneficial to have someone to talk to in a sales position. There are lots of frustrations that happen with this job and it feels good to let some of it out.

...and more:

It helps you think/act positively even if on a subconscious level. I've noticed it this month that it definitely helps you get out of a rut.

...and more:

Gina was great probing and getting down to strengths and weaknesses... really getting you go to look in the mirror and see where tweaks are needed. In addition, pumping you up.

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