The Evoke Method Training Program

Harnessing the power beyond your thoughts, emotions, body, and mind.


After working with clients for several years, I’ve fine-tuned my ability to guide people to deepen the innate connection with their inner guidance systems. As a result, I’ve created a method that is both teachable and repeatable. This method shows you how to harness your innate power to not only turn your fiercest dreams into experiencing them in your physical reality, but also to see life from the perspective of possibilities and, most of all, to enjoy the process of its unfolding. 


The Evoke Method is a powerful process of calibrating emotional set-points on all topics important to you, allowing you to experience the journey of your desired outcomes with more ease.


If you are interested in learning The Evoke Method, I will be opening up the enrollment of this unique training program within the next six months for people eager to become masters of this extraordinary, life-transforming calibration technique. Please join The Evoke Method Facebook Group to learn more about the program and to be notified when the enrollment period opens up.



Here’s an overview of the process:

The Evoke Method in 3 Steps


In this step, I help you identify your most dominant negative vibration (i.e., your thought and/or emotion) that’s getting in the way of your desire. I often refer to this troublesome feeling or thought as your “wobble”.


Using the most effective techniques from the world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), I gently and easily guide you into releasing your resistant thoughts and emotions, leaving you swimming in pure-positive emotions.


Once you are in this steady feeling of pure-positive emotions, I gently guide your attention back to the topic that previously had the wobble. From that steady place, the wobble is no longer there, and you see that topic from a new and fresh perspective—with an awareness that has deep, meaningful value and benefit to you, releasing thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you. 


Once there, you will experience the receiving of insights and clarity as to what is REALLY going on—that your well-being abounds—love, compassion, understanding, and appreciation are all around and within you, and that things are truly always working out.


This integration part is a very important piece of the process. First, it’s what brings you back to your state of inner being with confidence and knowing. Second, it allows for a solid and substantial lifting of the vibrational set-point you have on that topic. Third, it provides a steady improvement in your future experiences and increases your self-awareness and self-control of your vibration going forward.

Applying the Evoke Method

Here’s how these steps work in a simple example of the process of calibration with a client: 


Susie came to me feeling frustrated. This negative emotion is her “wobble.” I received one or two examples—real moments in time—where Susie's uncomfortable emotion was triggered. One was when she was talking with her spouse on Monday about the kids. She felt frustrated because he didn’t understand her point of view and it resulted in a big fight. Susie finds that she easily gets frustrated when talking to her husband about the kids.


I guided Susie to close her eyes, step back into that memory of talking with her spouse, and allow herself to experience that “frustrated” feeling fully and completely.


I asked Susie to identify where in her body she recognizes that feeling. It could show up anywhere––her stomach, her head, her throat, her chest. Susie feels it in her chest. Then I asked more about the weight of that feeling: the size, the movement (or stillness), the texture, the shape, the color, etc.


Susie, at that moment, was completely out of the “story” she had in her mind and solely focused on the feeling sensations in her body. Then, one by one, I guided her to change attributes of the abstract feeling in her body: the color, texture, movement, shape, size, etc., and I asked her to “pop it out,” meaning to release it out of her body and move it in front of her.


With every change, Susie noticed she feels a little better. 


And a little better. 


And a little better.


Once she was feeling good—whether that’s calmness, ease, confidence, security, appreciation, content, joy, or any combination of positive emotion, we moved onto the next step. Susie was feeling appreciation.


Once Susie felt that appreciation, her focus was then guided inward to feel where the feeling of appreciation was located. So, I softly asked Susie what shape it is. Is it heavy, light, or medium? Is it moving? What color is it? What happens to that sensation when you allow that feeling of appreciation to become more? This allowed her to focus on and feel the body sensations of this positive feeling, to become more familiar with what it feels like, to build the momentum of that better feeling vibration.


When Susie was really feeling appreciation in a strong and steady way, I guided her to bring herself and this feeling back to that original memory of the conversation with her spouse. Also, I guided her to replace that old version of herself with this new updated version and with this activated sensation of appreciation in her body. Susie became aware of all her sensations: her posture, breathing, the look on her face, tone of voice, the energy in the room and the energy of her spouse, etc. 


So, I asked Susie to reflect deeper: What do you notice unfolds differently about this conversation? What do you see more clearly about this situation? What do you now know about yourself? About your spouse? These allowed her to EXPERIENCE this new vibration clearly, and to experience the difference this vibration makes in her reality.


Next, I guided Susie through “future pacing.” Here, she imagined going through the rest of her day feeling this appreciation and noticing all the differences, including what enhances with her day when she has this feeling activated in her body, how her spouse and other people respond to her differently when she has this vibration of appreciation already active. Finally, I had Susie imagine having another conversation about the kids with her husband in the future and notice what has enhanced about that experience––and her relationships as a whole.

A New Vibrational Set-Point


This entire process is enlightening for Susie. Her vibrational set-point on this topic is forever changed. She can’t un-know what she learned about herself and her husband now that she’s seen it from this new, higher perspective.


Next time she has a conversation with her husband about this same topic, Susie instantly notices that the old usual feelings of frustration are either completely gone or have softened so much they’re irrelevant. Now, she’s able to experience more satisfying, fruitful conversations about the kids with her husband. She has forever elevated her love and appreciation of herself, her husband and others around her.

The secret to “The Secret” is available at all times


The Evoke Method is based on my own continual becoming by integrating and expanding my awareness of Abraham-Hicks’ teachings, as well as other expansive facilitators, and the vibrational alignment techniques from the phenomenal world of NLP. Together, they make for a powerful combination that results in a satisfaction-filled journey through the process of mastering your vibrational steadiness. 


I have crafted a unique blend of techniques that draws from the strengths of each program. My practical training allows you to reach for and access alignment tools and processes throughout your day, long after your sessions with me.

Consistency is key


Reaping the benefits of this method works best with an ongoing coaching program, where you practice it consistently, week after week, topic after topic. It’s a joyful work that creates real, exhilarating momentum in your life.


Consequently, you become more aware of your guidance system throughout the day, you’re able to tune yourself into alignment more frequently, and you will experience more and more of that yummy serendipity and magic in your life.